Laboratory and Equipment

Our laboratory and offices are located on the second floor of the Howey Physics building at Georgia Tech. The laboratory is designed to accommodate sample preparation equipment such as furnaces, glove-boxes and hoods, x-ray generating equipment to characterize and control the structure of the synthesized samples and cryogenic facilities to explore materials properties at low temperatures and under high magnetic field. In addition, we operate a dedicated node for data storage and analysis within Georgia Tech's Partnership for Advanced Computing Environment.

Here is a list of the equipment currently installed and operational in our laboratory. The list will be updated as new equipment becomes operational. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in collaborating or using some of our equipment.

Quantum Design 14T Dynacool Physical Properties Measurement System ( PPMS )
A cryogenic liquid-free system allowing the measurement of thermo-magnetic properties of materials for temperatures ranging from 0.05 K to 400 K and applied magnetic fields from 0 T to 14 T (140,000 Oe). Measurement options include a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) for magnetization and magnetic susceptibility studies between 1.6 K and 400 K, heat capacity (HC) and electrical transport (ETO) options for measurements from 0.05 K to 4 K with the use of a dilution refrigerator (DR) inset and from 1.6 K to 400 K in a standard configuration.

Multiwire Backscattering X-Ray Laue Camera System ( MWL120 )
A real-time X-Ray machine to rapidily orient and characterize single crystaline materials. Indispensible equipment to co-align multiple single-crystals for neutron scattering experiments or to prepare samples for thermomagnetic measurments in applied magnetic field.

Suite of furnaces and ancillary equipment for solid-state sample preparation
Various muffle, box and tube furnaces with programmable controllers for sample synthesis up to 1500 C. Ancillary equipment includes a Carver 12 tons pellet press with various sets of dies.

MBraun Glove-box ( LABstar )
A standard inert gas glove-box (Ar or He atmosphere) for storage and manipulation of air or moisture sensitive samples and preparation of heat capacity and magnetization measurement.

Dedicated computer node for data analysis ( PACE )
A 64-cores computer node equipped with 512 GB or random-access memory and 20+ TB of backed-up storage for stewardship, manipulation and analysis of large data sets produced during neutron scattering experiments.

Lab Tour

Synthesis room equipped with glovebox and various box and tube furnaces.
Physical property measurements are performed using a 14T Dynacool system from Quantum Design.
Backscattering X-Ray Laue camera from Multiwire Laboratories.

Renovated spaces
Take a sneak peek at our renovated spaces before we move in. The renovations, directed by Jerry O'Brien and Juan Archila from the College of Sciences and supervised by Rod Moore from Georgia Tech Facilities were completed in September 2015.

The main room (S207) of the lab is equipped with two chemical hoods and a canopy hood for sample preparation.
The characterization room (S207B) is designed to host cryogenic equipment and a separate room for compressors.
The x-ray room (S207A) can host x-ray generating equipment and sample processing equipment.
Office spaces for students and post-docs are located next to the lab (S206A and S206B) and can be used for group meetings.